Jessica Starr’s Recent Death Puts Spotlight on Lasik Surgery

Detroit meteorologist Jessica Starr was found dead from an apparent suicide December 12th, just a few months after her Lasik eye surgery back in October. It is believed that the complications along with her surgery had caused her to be in extreme pain. Many talk about the benefits of Lasik eye surgery, but there are some items to consider before you take the plunge into Lasik. Here are some risks you need to be aware of before getting the common procedure.

Another Round of Lasik is Common

Lasik eye surgery isn’t necessarily a one and done procedure It’s more common to under correct during the procedure than it is to over correct, so it isn’t uncommon having to schedule another surgery to correct your sight all over again. Because over correcting can be almost impossible to fix, oftentimes to play it safe the office will choose to improve the vision somewhat and allow room for touchups along the way.

Impaired Nighttime Vision

After surgery it is common that you will find yourself unable to see during the nighttime or even in dim lighting situations. Sometime patients even notice a halo or glare in the center of their vision when it is darker. This could last a few days or even a few weeks.

Eye Flaps Can Cause Injury

In order to perform Lasik eye surgery, the surgeon must fold back the flap, to reach the eye. After surgery many patients report dry eyes associated with this flap being removed or pulled back. It is also recommended that you cannot touch or rub your eyes for weeks, sometimes months, after surgery. Severe flap complications are quite rare, however some flap healing issues can lead to serious eye infections.

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