Private Equity – OptiRova

One of the more talked-about trends in eye care is the growth of private equity purchasing eye care practices. The “game plan” for most private equity firms is to “roll-up” a large number of practices, reduce expenses, increase earnings, and then sell off the entity holding the practices. The horizon for most private equity firms is five years.

We have an example of that right now, with private equity firm FFL Partners putting Eye Care Partners on the market. Eye Care Partners was formed in 2015 with the initial investment in St. Louis-based Clarkson Eyecare. They have expanded their footprint to many states with both ophthalmology practices and optometry practices.

With an expected sale in early 2020, they are right on their timeline of 5 years. There are reportedly a number of different groups looking at the firm.

For more information, see the article posted by Vision Monday here:

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