Screenaching me Crazy!

Our lives have become increasingly dependent on technology. We rely on our screens for everything from productivity to pleasure, education to recreation, work to leisure. It’s hard to imagine our lives without our screens. As I’m looking at a screen to type this post my youngest son has facetimed me to show me his new necklace he ordered from amazon using a screen of course, now I’m double screening… wow! Recent surveys report a ⅔’s increase in patients having issues related to increased screen time in both adults and children. We know that working from home has increased the workday and thus screen reliance for adults. And with so many kids learning remotely, parents have elevated concerns for their children’s increased screen time. This new reliance comes at a cost and few have the power to help like eye care professionals. Doctor’s advice remains at the top of the list as parents seek information about screen time solutions for their children. It’s safe to assume that’s true for adults interested in their own health as well. Now more than ever it has become essential for all ECPs, but most especially doctors, to educate patients and promote the use of computer specific lenses and blue light blocking solutions. Just as an athlete needs a specifically designed pair of shoes for their sport, everyone needs glasses specifically designed for their activities! New products are being developed and are entering the market steadily. As part of our consulting services at OptiRova, we are ready to partner with you to address these challenges. Don’t neglect this opportunity to improve the health of your patients and capture additional revenue to build your practice or you may be the one with a screenache!


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