Vision Direct Gets Hacked: Was Your Information Compromised?

Vision Direct is an online optical retailer that sells contact lenses, solutions and eye care products. Purchased by Essilor two years ago, it describes itself as Europe’s biggest online seller of contact lenses and eye care product. After being an online source in the eye care industry for over 5 years it had it’s website hacked and the personal and credit information were put at risk. According to reports, over 16,300 people’s cards were compromised in early November, 2018.

An alert issued recently said that, “The personal information was compromised when it was being entered into the site and includes full name, billing address, email address, password, telephone number and payment card information, including card number expiry date and CVV.” After the warning, many flooded to their banks and credit card companies across Europe and the US to ensure their information was safe from the hacking.

This is how it all happened. Vision Direct had stated that a fake Google Analytics script placed within its website’s code was the apparent cause. The hackers then skimmed the analytics site for user information where they stole credit card numbers and billing addresses.

Vision Direct’s website had previously said that all card payments made to its service were “totally secure” and that it had never once heard of a case of them being misused. Unfortunately for the site users, many had to change their card numbers and security settings at their local banks and in mobile devices. When speaking with those who were hacked, many posted their frustration that they were not receiving anything for their troubles. The company had then offered monetary compensation for any money they loose lose out of pocket from the hacking. Because of the companies company’s sheer size it made itself an easy target for hackers, all the more reason to visit your local eye care professional where the security risk is significantly lowered.

So how do you know if your information was compromised? Check with your bank to ensure there have been no strange charges on your account. Vision Direct also recommends changing your account username and passwords to further make sure your information is secure.