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Whether you’re purchasing an Ophthalmology practice for the very first time or not, OptiRova is dedicated to supplying the very best help in the industry. We will help you purchase an Ophthalmology practice that will fit within your spending plan and your lifestyle. Our trademarked procedure provides the capability to set eye doctors, ophthalmologists, and opticians who are offering their optical practice with buyers like you.

Buy Ophthalmology Practice in Colorado

Click the link listed below to begin looking for Ophthalmology practices for sale in your location. If you don’t see one that you’re interested in, visit our contact page or call (231) 740.2929 and we can discuss your precise requirements for acquiring an Ophthalmology practice. OptiRova is committed to offering the best customer care in the industry, so no matter if you’re a brand-new owner trying to find consultation or wanting to develop your practice portfolio, OptiRova is here to help.

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How To Buy an Ophthalmology Practice in Colorado

Are you interested in purchasing an Ophthalmology practice in Colorado but do not know where to begin? Not sure which practice is ideal for you? Eric Rollins has the experience and knowledge needed to respond to all your most tough concerns concerning buying an Ophthalmology practice in Colorado It can be a challenging job looking for an Ophthalmology practice to buy; however, with Eric’s assistance, you’ll have an Ophthalmology practice to call your very own in no time.

OptiRova LLC is led by Eric Rollins, with 30 years experience in the Eye Care field. Eric has a service background, majoring in Business Administration with Marketing Emphasis. After a career featuring senior positions in optical retail, frame and laboratory sectors, he began assisting Eye Care Professionals construct success and patient complete satisfaction while enhancing organisation practices.

Buying an Ophthalmology practice in Colorado begins with discovering an owner that is in the market of selling. Fortunately we have sellers in our portfolio who would be enjoyed do business with a potential Ophthalmology practice purchaser. As a person who is interested in buying an Ophthalmology practice, you’ve already taken the first step by visiting our site. The next action is to reach out through our contact form or searching for an Ophthalmology practice currently noted for sale.

The second thing you have to remember when buying an Ophthalmology practice in Colorado is to truly think about exactly what you want to get out of your purchase. Do you desire a practice that will generally run itself? Or, do you wish to take a more hands-on and direct approach, developing an existing practice into one that is more profitable? In any case, OptiRova has the answers and experience to help you with both.

Eric Rollins, Owner

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Helping You Find Ophthalmology Practices for Sale in Colorado

You may be asking yourself, “How do I discover an Ophthalmology practice for sale?” However, exactly what you actually should be asking is, “How can OptiRova assist me find a practice that fulfills my requirements?”

When we work with buyers and sellers in the Ophthalmology field, we consider a plethora of elements to help with an effective practice purchase. We take the uncertainty from the entire process by reviewing the current state of financials, accounting, legality of business, staff training, and the marketing that the practice has carried out. By taking a look at the big image, we have the ability to provide profitable deals that interest both sides of the offer which usually end in a successful purchase.

OptiRova is committed to helping you find an Ophthalmology practice for sale that will meet your present requirements, along with future requirements to keep your brand-new Ophthalmology practice successful. Click here to begin looking for Ophthalmology practices for sale today!

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Things to Consider When Buying an Existing Ophthalmology Practice

You must understand there are a few things to consider prior to purchasing an existing Ophthalmology practice. The following list is comprised of just a couple of talking points from the above paragraphs, however it’s important to comprehend that there is more to purchasing an existing Ophthalmology practice than simply investigating the following items:

Is the proposed purchase a good deal?

At OptiRova LLC we believe the very best deals are the ones that are fair to both the purchaser and seller. Both parties need to be pleased that the deal is in their interest. If you are worried about the value of a practice you are thinking about, call us for an impartial appraisal.


The 2 most common methods to finance the purchase of your practice are Small Business Administration (SBA) loans, or independently funded loans through a bank or financial institution. OptiRova LLC can suggest Eye Care-specific loan providers in both locations. The main reason to opt for SBA is if your very own offered funds for a deposit are less than a private lending institution would require. While the SBA lenders may require less loan down, they also generally have more bureaucracy, charges and requirements accompanying the loan. Private lenders may or may not require more loan down– in some instances they will fund 100% of the expense of getting the practice. Talk to us or our advised vendors for specifics on your situation.


Having a competent accounting professional that is familiar with eye care practices can be a substantial help to any Eye Care Professional (ECP). If you already have an accountant that comprehends our particular industry, excellent! If you don’t, contact us to find the qualified expert assistance you require. Will your brand-new business be set up as a sole proprietor, a PLLC or PLC, or a corporation? There are tax and liability ramifications with each choice.


Famous motivational speaker Zig Ziglar mentioned, “The only thing worse than training employees and losing them is to not train them and keep them.” How will you train your staff? The better-trained the staff is, the much better your practice’s image will remain in the community, the more efficient your practice will be, and the more rewarding the venture.


How will you market your practice? How will you position your practice in the neighborhood? Growing sales of the practice has an exponential result on profitability. Assuming all the costs are being paid now, incremental sales will cause about 60% of sales dollars to fall to the bottom-line earnings. If this is a concern of yours, speak to us.

We hope you’ve acquired some understanding by reading this practical paperwork regarding discovering an Ophthalmology practice for sale. Please do not think twice to call us if you have any questions about purchasing an Ophthalmology practice for sale in Colorado. We’re ready to help!

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