How Myopia Cost The Global Economy Billions

A new study has shown that Myopia vision impairment has cost the global economy over 244 billion dollars since the year 2015. This study, published in the Ophthalmology journal also notes that over 538 million people have impaired vision from uncorrected Myopia, which in turn affects productivity and profit directly.

Myopia is also known as near sightedness whereas that faraway objects tend to appear fairly blurry and can get worse over time. Many live with untreated Myopia everyday and trends show that more and more people will continue to be affected. “On current trends we expect there will be 2.6 billion people with Myopia globally in 2020. Even a slight change in vision impairment can greatly affect how well you perform at your job which may affect unemployment, albeit affecting the costs of on-boarding for the company. The study also notes the costs and economic affect due to the need for treatment for Myopia including eye exams and refractive corrections. Pretty shocking right?

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