Is Too Much Screen Time Hurting Your Eyes? Let’s Look At The Facts

In this day and age, it’s nearly impossible to find someone who is not constantly connected with their phone or a digital screen. But, recent studies have shown that excessive digital screen time can have a negative effect on your eye sight. From dry eyes, to damaged retinas, too much screen time may not seem like an issue now, but can cause long term damage in the future. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why technology can cause some major eye issues.

Blue Light Causes Long Term Retina Damage

Digital screens emit blue light wavelengths, which studies have found to cause irritation to the eyes and retina. Work environments with high exposure to computer screens and digital devices have often found that damage to the retina is caused after excessive screen time. Chronic dry eye can can also be caused by the blue light, which happens alongside decreasing blinking due to the technology. More often than not, the issue of dry eyes only gets worse with time.

Glasses Can Help

If you work in an environment where you get an excessive amount of screen time It would be wise to invest in a pair of blue light reflecting glasses today to save your sight in the future. You see, blue light glasses help filter out higher end blue lights decreasing strain on the eyes with an anti-glare coating on top. These glasses can be bought with or without prescription in the lenses and are often very affordable.

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