Know the Numbers

When you are in a solo practice, it’s pretty easy to feel lost on the business side of things. After all, if your practice is busy you are in a dark room saying “which is better, 1 or 2” all day long and you don’t even get to observe what is happening in the rest of the practice. Most accountants don’t really understand medical practices, so their reports to the practice owner come in generic form, with Profit & Loss reports alphabetized. That’s great for finding Dues & Subscriptions or Maintenance; they’re in the same place every month or year. But it isn’t great for managing the business of your practice.

OptiRova offers to categorize and benchmark your P & L’s for a one-time fee of $500. Do you know where your practice is losing money? This report will allow you to manage your expenses in a much more efficient way, and “plug” any holes you may have in your practice earnings. The benchmarking will also allow you to compare to other practices by giving you the national averages. Get control of your business today!