Michigan Students Gather Together To Help Colorblind Classmates

A group of boys from Kalkaska Middle school took it upon themselves to collect bottles and cans for colorblind students. They did so by collecting pop-cans and bottles along surrounding neighborhoods and by walking door to door asking for donations. The leader of this great deed was John Buck, who has a colorblind brother himself and he “wanted him to see all the colors,” just like him and his friends can.

Glasses were bought from EnChroma, a California based company that specializes in the special color lenses. After all was said and done, over a dozen pairs of glasses were able to be bought for students. Buck really got inspired when he witnessed his colorblind brother finally able to play his favorite video game in a totally new experience. “When I saw his expression when he saw the video game, I wanted him to see that not just in the video game, but the whole world,” Buck stated.

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