Playing It Safe With Your Eyes While Playing Sports

When playing sports it’s easy for teams to get a bit intense. There are over 33,000 reported sports related eye injuries each year according to the Prevent Blindness Foundation. It’s important to keep your eyes safe and protected when in a competitive match. Since April is Sports Eye Safety Month, check out our tips for keeping your eyes safe and protected when participating in your favorite sport activities.

Always Wear The Correct Gear
Depending on what sport you are playing your protective eye gear could differ greatly. For example sports like Hockey and Baseball often require a helmet with a face mask or shield attached while most racquet sports just require shatterproof lenses or goggles. It’s important to ensure you are wearing the right protection for the right sport, as that could mean the difference between safe eyes or a potentially catastrophic injury.

Know When To Throw It Out
Over time eye protection gear will often crack or break and it’s important to throw out this ineffective gear. If you find your shatterproof lenses begin to turn yellow this is also a sign that it may be losing its protection strength and would be a good idea to begin shopping for a new pair.

If You’re Injured, Seek Immediate Attention
As with most other injuries, eye injuries should be attended to immediately after it occurs. Even a light bump to the eye can cause serious problems. Leaving eye injuries untreated could also worsen the problem and create more serious issues that are not easy to treat. After an injury, contact your ophthalmologist or medical doctor immediately.


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