Retinal Selfies? How Smartphones Are Affecting Optometry Practice

It’s 2019 and it’s fair to say that a majority of the U.S populations is constantly glued to their phones. According to an article from the Optometry Times high quality medical imaging is now a possibility with smartphone technology. Pretty crazy right? This is how it works.

The tympanic membrane is a forming part of the organ for hearing which vibrates in response to sound waves. An otoscope is used to view the the tympani membrane to diagnosis acute otitis media which is a common ailment affecting children under the age of 5. New smartphone otoscopes have been found highly affective in taking high resolution images of the membrane and can be easily taken in the comfort of the patients own home. These images can easily be taken and sent in for examining immediately after taking and can possibly cut out visit to your optometrist completely.

Do you foresee this technology taking over the optometry industry? 

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