Welcome Post

Welcome to OptiRova LLC and the Professional Practice Marketplace. We are here to serve the Eye Care marketplace and the Eye Care Professionals that care for their patients’ vision. We look forward to assisting many ECP’s to achieve their goals, be it buying a practice, selling a practice, or improving a practice.

During the past 30 years there have been many changes to the eye care industry. There have been technological and instrumentation improvements that allow for better diagnosis and care, pharmacological advances that offer better treatment of diseases, and advances in lens design and manufacturing methods that correct vision defects to a higher degree than ever before.

At the same time we have been challenged by the growth of Managed Care Plans (MCP’s) and the lower reimbursements, increased expense of processing claims, and additional paperwork that go hand in hand with MCP’s. Internet purchases of eyewear have also taken a small piece of the eyecare pie.

The next threat on the horizon is commercially-available autorefraction. There is already a company looking to put kiosks in malls and other shopping areas and do autorefractions on people walking by. It’s there to give them a prescription so they don’t have to go to the doctor, but part of their disclaimer is to go to an eye doctor at least every two years.

With all of this as the backdrop, there are still great opportunities to thrive in today’s marketplace. How do you do it? Three words: service, quality and value. Look for the next blog to continue with more on these thoughts.