Does Pregnancy Affect Your Vision?

As a new mother, you are growing and changing every day – some of those changes may be happening to your eyes. Not to worry! Changes in vision are a normal part of pregnancy. When you become pregnant, your body produces a chemical called human chorionic gonadotropin, or hCG. This hormone can cause drastic changes in your body, and as your pregnancy progresses, the production of hCG will increase. Here are some common vision changes that occur during pregnancy:

1. Dry, itchy eyes

During pregnancy, you may notice a decrease in tear production. This causes dryness, itchiness, and sometimes a slight burning sensation. This is totally normal, but if it starts to become bothersome, eye drops will help with the symptoms. Always check with your doctor to make sure you are using safe ingredients!

2. Sensitivity

You may also notice increased eye sensitivity. As your hormones continuously increase, your eyes become more sensitive to light and changes in temperature, which may cause headaches and migraines. Wear sunglasses in bright light and sunlight, or if you start to experience symptoms.

3. Blurry vision

Unfortunately, pregnancy means water retention. Sometimes fluid can build up behind your eye, changing the shape of your cornea, which changes the way light passes through your eye. This can cause blurriness in your vision. If it starts to get problematic, contact your doctor to get temporary corrective lenses. Usually, these symptoms go away after you give birth.

It’s important to keep an eye on pregnancy symptoms that affect your vision. Slight changes are normal, but if there are drastic changes, make sure to consult your doctor. Ultra sensitivity and drastic vision changes can be signs of preeclampsia, which requires immediate medical attention.


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