Focus On Patient Satisfaction, Not Costs

You see these digital live webinars or social events on the topic of what physicians are spending for care. Titles like “Are You Paying Too Much In Taxes?” or “Are You Paying Too Much In Lab Bills?” And of course all of us have a fear of paying too much…for just about everything from gasoline to hamburger. But the fact of the matter is that in eye care, and most health professions, our main issue is not taxes, or cost of lab services. It is typically top line sales, and the reason is because we don’t take the time to tell our patients about the products that they should really have.

For example, in eye care 90% of patients should have polarized sun glasses, and 70% of patients should have computer glasses. Why? Because the research says that one out of every three vehicle accidents are caused by glare, and 70% of computer users (isn’t that everyone these days?) experiences Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). But rather than work on the real needs of vision patients, we scare providers into thinking their problem is they are paying too much in taxes, or too much to their labs. Let us know if you would like us to show you how to NOT worry about taxes or lab bills, but instead take care of your patients’ very real visual needs.

-Eric Rollins 


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